Django FileBrowser Documentation

Media-Management with Grappelli.

This documentation covers version 3.4.3 of the FileBrowser.

Installation and Setup

FileBrowser Sites

FileBrowser API

Admin Interface

Fields and Widgets

Image Versions


Main Features

  • Browse your media files with the admin-interface.
  • Multiple Upload, including a progress bar.
  • Automatic Thumbnails.
  • Image-Versions to fit your websites grid.
  • Integration with TinyMCE (AdvImage & AdvLink).
  • FileBrowseField to select Images/Documents.
  • FileInput and ClearableFileInput with Image-Preview.
  • Signals for Upload, Rename and Delete.
  • Custom Actions.
  • Custom File Storage Engines.


Use the FileBrowser Google Group to ask questions or discuss features.

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