Why should I use the FileBrowser?

If you need your editors or customers to manage files, the FileBrowser is an alternative to an FTP-client. Moreover, you are able to define different image versions according to your websites grid. Alternatives to the FileBrowser can be found at http://djangopackages.com/grids/g/file-managers/.

Do I need Grappelli?

Grappelli is a requirement for using the FileBrowser. There are several filebrowser-no-grappelli repositories (most of them on GitHub), but we don’t follow the development.

I need help!

see Troubleshooting.

Why are there no fancy effects?

The FileBrowser is about managing files. We think that you should prepare your files before uploading them to the server.

How do I upload to another server?

Use a custom storage engine, see https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.11/howto/custom-file-storage/.

Why do I need image-versions?

You need image-versions if your website is based on a grid.

Is the FileBrowser stable?

We’ve developed the FileBrowser for a couple of years and use it with almost all of our clients. That said, Grappelli is the more stable and mature application.

How can I contribute?

Help is very much needed and appreciated. Test the FileBrowser and submit feedback/patches.

Who develops the FileBrowser?

The FileBrowser is developed and maintained by Patrick Kranzlmüller & Axel Swoboda of vonautomatisch.