Check your setup

Please check if the problem is caused by your setup.

  • Read Quick start guide.
  • Check if the static/media-files are served correctly.
  • Make sure you have removed all custom FileBrowser templates from all locations in TEMPLATE_DIRS or check that these templates are compatible with the FileBrowser.

Run the tests

Start the shell and type:

python test filebrowser


Please note that the tests will copy files to your filesystem.

Check issues

If your setup is fine, please check if your problem is a known issue.

Add a ticket

If you think you’ve found a bug, please add a ticket.

  • Try to describe your problem as precisely as possible.
  • Tell us what you did in order to solve the problem.
  • Tell us what version of the FileBrowser you are using.
  • Tell us what version of Django you are using.
  • Please do NOT add tickets if you’re having problems with serving static/media-files (because this is not related to the FileBrowser).
  • Please do NOT add tickets referring to Djangos trunk version.
  • At best: add a patch.


Be aware that we may close issues not following these guidlines without further notifications.