Django FileBrowser Documentation

Media-Management with Grappelli.


FileBrowser 3.14.3 requires Django 3.2 and Grappelli 2.15.

Main Features

  • Browse your media files with the admin interface.
  • Multiple upload, including a progress bar.
  • Automatic thumbnails.
  • Image versions to fit your websites grid (esp. useful with adaptive/responsive layouts).
  • Integration with TinyMCE.
  • FileBrowseField to select images/documents.
  • Signals for upload, rename and delete.
  • Custom actions.
  • Custom file storage engines.


Use the FileBrowser Google Group to ask questions or discuss features.

Versions and Compatibility

FileBrowser is always developed against the latest stable Django release and is NOT tested with Djangos trunk.

  • FileBrowser 3.14.3 (January 12th, 2022): Compatible with Django 3.2 (LTS)
  • FileBrowser 3.13.3 (April 22nd, 2021): Compatible with Django 3.1
  • FileBrowser 3.12.1 (November 14th, 2019): Compatible with Django 2.2 (LTS)
  • FileBrowser 3.9.2 (November 2nd, 2018): Compatible with Django 1.11 (LTS)

Current development branches:

  • FileBrowser 3.14.4 (Development Version for Django 3.2, see Branch Stable/3.14.x)
  • FileBrowser 3.13.4 (Development Version for Django 3.1, see Branch Stable/3.13.x)
  • FileBrowser 3.12.2 (Development Version for Django 2.2, see Branch Stable/3.12.x)
  • FileBrowser 3.9.3 (Development Version for Django 1.11, see Branch Stable/3.9.x)

Older versions are available at GitHub, but are not supported anymore. Support for 3.13.x and 3.9.x is limited to security issues and very important bugfixes.